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CTF-Judge, better "auto" controls
By: Codewalkers
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    This is from Zombie's, copy and replace this over Zombie's judge.php
    You can set the time-out from the GUI.
    VERY important, that I found out the hard way:
    since your script is being included (and not executed as the real contest will be done), do NOT use global in your functions, as that looks for global variables in judge.php's global scope and NOT your capture.php's global scope.

    By : webhappy


    /* *\

    project: Capture The Flag: php competition on

    file: judge.php: script that plays a match between robots

    author: zombie: Tomica Jovanovic <>

    disclaimer: this script is distributed in the hope that it will
    be useful, but it is provided "AS IS" and WITHOUT
    ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of
    See the GNU General Public License for more details.

    more info: see the README file for more info...

    \* */

    // this function is colled only on first turn of the mach... if it doesn't find white
    // and red robot script dirs, it goes back to the start page, WITHOUT any msg... sorry ;)

    function start($white, $red) {
    if (!file_exists($white) or !file_exists($red)) die(header('Location: start.php'));
    $w=array('n'=>$white, 'x'=>0, 'y'=>1, 'i'=>'STARTWHITE', 's'=>array(), 'd'=>0, 't'=>-1, 'l'=>0);
    $r=array('n'=>$red, 'x'=>29, 'y'=>27, 'i'=>'STARTRED', 's'=>array(), 'd'=>0, 't'=>-1, 'l'=>0);
    return array('w'=>$w, 'r'=>$r, 'c'=>'w', 'b'=>array(93=>'lime', 806=>'lime'));

    // this function is colled to execute the robot scripts. include is placed in the separate
    // function so that robot scripts don't mess up our variables. if u want to run the scripts
    // from the command line (like the rules say) change include() line into smth like example
    // NOTE: u must NOT use die() in ur robot scripts if u don't change include() to exec()

    function run() {
    // exec("/path/to/php capture.php");

    // checks if position ($x, $y) is on the grid

    function valid($x, $y) {
    return $x>=0 and $x<30 and $y>=0 and $y<30;

    // it returns 1 if there is a sticky trap on $k ($k=$x+30*$y),
    // 2 if there is a teleport trap on $k, and nothing if there is not a trap on $k

    function trap($w, $r, $k) {
    if (in_array($k, $w['s']) or in_array($k, $r['s'])) return 1;
    if ($k==$w['t'] or $k==$r['t']) return 2;

    // it sets the global var $winner to the text that say that smb wins

    function winner($c, $p) {
    global $winner;
    $winner="<hr /><b><big><font color=".($c=='w'?'black':'red')."> $p[n] WINS!";

    // this is the main logic function... it processes one move from move.txt...

    function process($w, $r, $c, $n, $b, $p, $m) {
    $mx=array('T'=>0, 'U'=>0, 'L'=>-1, 'R'=>+1, 'D'=>0);
    $my=array('T'=>0, 'U'=>-1, 'L'=>0, 'R'=>0, 'D'=>+1);
    switch ($m[0]) {
    case 'M':
    if (valid($i=$p['x']+$mx[$m[1]], $j=$p['y']+$my[$m[1]])) {
    if (trap($w, $r, $k=$i+30*$j)==1) $p['i']='STUCK1';
    if (trap($w, $r, $k)==2) {
    $p['x']=rand(0, 29);
    $p['y']=rand(0, 29);
    if ($c=='w' and $k==806 or $c=='r' and $k==93) winner($c, $p);
    case 'R':
    case 'T':
    if ($m[1]!='T' and valid($i, $j) and !trap($w, $r, $k) and count($p['s'])<7 and $k!=93 and $k!=806) {
    if ($m[1]=='T' and valid($i, $j) and !trap($w, $r, $k) and $p['t']==-1 and $k!=93 and $k!=806) {
    case 'L':
    if ($p['l']<5) {
    case 'D':
    if ($p['d']<1) {
    if (!valid(($i=$p['x'])+$mx[$m[1]], ($j=$p['y'])+$my[$m[1]])) winner($n, $$n);
    while (valid($i+=$mx[$m[1]], $j+=$my[$m[1]])) if ($k['x']==$i and $k['y']==$j) winner($c, $p);
    return array('w'=>$w, 'r'=>$r, 'c'=>$c, 'n'=>$n, 'b'=>$b, 'p'=>$p);

    // this function returns javascript that changes colors on the grid, and moves teams around...

    function grid($b, $f, $p='') {
    foreach ($b as $k=>$v) $p.="parent.grid.document.getElementById('c$k').style.background='$v';\n";
    foreach ($f as $k=>$v) $p.="parent.grid.document.i$k.src='$v.gif';\n";
    return "<script language='javascript'>\n$p\n</script>\n";

    // outputs all the info u see in the right frame, and some controls (check box and a button)

    function control($w, $r, $c, $p, $m) {
    global $winner, $timeOut;
    if ( !isset($timeOut) )$timeOut = 250;
    return "<link href='global.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' /> <form name=forma>
    <input type='checkbox' name=next ".((!isset($_GET['next']) or @$winner)?'':'checked')." /> auto
    <input type=textfield name=timeOut value=$timeOut>Auto Time-out
    <input type='submit' value='next' /></form><hr />\n<script language='javascript'>
    setTimeout('if ( document.forma.submit() ', document.forma.timeOut.value);\n</script>
    <table border=1 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=1 bordercolor=white width='100%'>
    <tr><td class=meta>&nbsp;<td class=white><b>$w[n]<td class=red><b>$r[n]
    <tr><td class=meta>location<td class=white>$w[x],$w[y]<td class=red>$r[x],$r[y]
    <tr><td class=meta>sticky<td class=white>".count($w['s'])."<td class=red>".count($r['s'])."
    <tr><td class=meta>teleport<td class=white>".($w['t']>=0?1:0)."<td class=red>".($r['t']>=0?1:0)."
    <tr><td class=meta>death.ray<td class=white>$w[d]<td class=red>$r[d]
    <tr><td class=meta>locators<td class=white>$w[l]<td class=red>$r[l]
    <tr><td class=meta>move.txt<td class=white>".($c=='w'?$m:'.')."<td class=red>".($c=='r'?$m:'.')."
    <tr><td class=meta>input.txt<td colspan=2 class=".($c=='w'?'white':'red').">$p[i]</table>".(@$winner);

    // main() function ;))

    function main() {
    if (isset($_POST['white'])) {
    extract(start($_POST['white'], $_POST['red']));
    } else {
    extract(unserialize(fread(fopen('data.txt', 'r'), 999)));
    if ($p['i']=='STUCK1') {
    } else {
    fwrite(fopen('input.txt', 'w'), "$p[i]\n");
    $m=fread(fopen('move.txt', 'r'), 99);
    $i=array('w'=>$w['x']+30*$w['y'], 'r'=>$r['x']+30*$r['y']);
    extract(process($w, $r, $c, $n, $b, $p, $m));
    $f=array($i['w']=>'blank', $i['r']=>'blank', $w['x']+30*$w['y']=>'white', $r['x']+30*$r['y']=>'red');
    echo grid($b, $f);
    echo control($w, $r, $c, $$c, $m);
    fwrite(fopen('data.txt', 'w'), serialize(array('w'=>$w, 'r'=>$r, 'c'=>$n, 'b'=>array())));


    DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this article is not warranted or guaranteed by Developer Shed, Inc. The content provided is intended for entertainment and/or educational purposes in order to introduce to the reader key ideas, concepts, and/or product reviews. As such it is incumbent upon the reader to employ real-world tactics for security and implementation of best practices. We are not liable for any negative consequences that may result from implementing any information covered in our articles or tutorials. If this is a hardware review, it is not recommended to open and/or modify your hardware.

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