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Adding a Poll to Your Web Site
By: Codewalkers
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    Table of Contents:
  • Adding a Poll to Your Web Site
  • Setting the Stage
  • Creating the Form
  • The Complete showvotes.php
  • Expanding the Poll
  • Polling Accuracy



    Adding a Poll to Your Web Site - Expanding the Poll

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    What if you want to create a new poll each week, or a 25-question survey, or even a trivia quiz? Simple! Create a second table, poll_questions, to hold all the questions. Add an index to poll_answers to reference the question number.

    The SQL for poll_questions might look like this:

    CREATE TABLE poll_questions
     question VARCHAR(35) NOT NULL)

    And the new poll_answers:

    CREATE TABLE poll_answers
    (poll_num INT NOT NULL, choice INT NOT NULL,
     activity VARCHAR(35) NOT NULL, votes INT DEFAULT 0,
     PRIMARY KEY (poll_num, choice))

    You could also add date fields to poll_questions to set a starting and ending date for each question to be displayed. If you're designing a quiz, you could add a field to poll_questions to indicate which answer is correct.

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