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Simple Postcards
By: Codewalkers
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    Here is a simple postcard system where a user writes a message, enters basic information, picks a postcard, and then submits the postcard. The chosen graphic is then sent to recipient with graphic attached to email message. Only works with PHP4. For a demo, go to

    By : zensmile

    <form action="thispage.php4" method="post">
    <input type ="hidden" name="BeenSubmitted" value="true">

    class mime_mail

    function mime_mail()
    $this->to= "";
    $this->from= "";
    $this->subject= "";
    $this->body= "";
    $this->headers= "";

    function add_attachment($message,$name= "",$ctype= "application/octet-stream")

    function build_message($part)
    $message=$part[ "message"];
    $encoding= "base64";
    return "Content-Type:".$part[ "ctype"].
    ($part[ "name"]? ";name=\"".$part[ "name"]. "\"": "").

    function build_multipart()
    $boundary= "b".md5(uniqid(time()));
    $multipart= "Content-Type:multipart/mixed;boundary=$boundary\n\nThisisaMIMEencodedmessage.\n\n--$boundary";
    $multipart.= "\n".$this->build_message($this->parts[$i]). "--$boundary";
    return$multipart.= "--\n";

    function send()
    $mime= "";
    $mime.= "From:".$this->from. "\n";
    $mime.=$this->headers. "\n";

    $this->add_attachment($this->body, "", "text/plain");
    $mime.= "MIME-Version:1.0\n".$this->build_multipart();
    return(mail($this->to,$this->subject, "",$mime));

    if (isset($BeenSubmitted)) {
    $num_errors = 0;
    if (! strlen($to) > 0) {
    echo "You must enter an e-mail address for the recipient.<br>";
    if (! strlen($from) > 0) {
    echo "You must enter your e-mail address.<br>";
    if (! strlen($subject) > 0) {
    echo "You must enter a subject for the e-mail.<br>";
    if (! strlen($message) > 0) {
    echo "You must enter some kind of message for the recipient.<br>";
    if (! $fp = @fopen($postcard,"r")) {
    echo "You must select a postcard from the left.<br>";

    if ($errors == 0) {
    $mail=new mime_mail();
    if ($mail->send()) {

    //if successful then writes info to a log file called log.txt.

    $today = date("F j, Y, g:i a"); // March 10, 2001, 5:16 pm
    $filePointer = fopen("log.txt", "a");
    fputs($filePointer, "$today\t\t$from has sent this email to $to.\n");

    print ("Your email has been successfully sent!\n");

    } else {
    print ("Your email has been not been successfully sent because of a system error!\n");

    <p>Pick a postcard, fill out the information in the form boxes and click send! Make someone happy.

    <p><img src="postcards/thumbnails/tn_butterfly.jpg" alt="" height="75" width="100" border="0">

    <!-- Make sure that you have the correct path to the image in the value for the radio button(s) -->

    <br><input type="radio" name="postcard" value="/home/username/web_directory/images/butterfly.jpg"> Butterfly

    <p>Please fill out all of the information below.</p>

    <p>Recipient's Email:
    <br><input type="text" name="to" size="24" border="0">

    <p>Your Email:
    <br><input type="text" name="from" size="24" border="0">

    <p>Subject of Email:
    <br><input type="text" name="subject" size="24" border="0">

    <p>Text of Message:
    <br><textarea name="message" rows="6" cols="30"></textarea>

    <p><input type="submit" value="Send Postcard"> <input type="reset">

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