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Foundations of Ajax
By: notepad
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    Foundations of Ajax
    By: Ryan Asleson & Nathaniel T. Schutta
    Published by Apress

    I had a basic understanding of what Ajax was before reading this book, in that it was some sort of combination between XML and javascript to present dynamic web content without needing to refresh the browser. I'd heard both good and bad arguments about Ajax, and decided I wanted to see for myself.

    I really enjoyed Foundations of Ajax considering it answered all of the questions I had, and the book was written from a very un-biased view. What I mean by that is that there was no favoritism, the book explains both the good and bad sides and lets you make an educated decision for yourself.

    I still question whether or not I'll actually end up using Ajax, since it's not considered a web standard and the W3C has its own implementation - the DOM level 3 load and save specification (of which browser support is still lacking). Kinda similar to how I didn't want to code anything else in PHP until version 5 was released, I mean why bother when I'll just need to update my code again later? But maybe that's just me. Anyway I like the fact that I still haven't made up my mind, but should I go that route I have a very handy reference at my disposal.

    I did have some idea's, if I were to use Ajax, what I would want to use it for and suprisingly the book gave examples of exactly the types of things I was curious about. Creating an auto-refresh page, a loading bar, and auto-complete, just to name a few. The book gives an excellent history about where Ajax came from, and it also covers recommended development practices, plenty of tools/frameworks, and much more to help along the way; everything you need to dive into the world of asynchronous applications.

    Great read, great book.

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