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How Switching to Linux Can Make Your Computing Quicker, Cheaper and Easier
By: Katie Gatto
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    Table of Contents:
  • How Switching to Linux Can Make Your Computing Quicker, Cheaper and Easier
  • Total the savings
  • How Linux makes computing quick and easy
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    How Switching to Linux Can Make Your Computing Quicker, Cheaper and Easier

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    With an increasing number of prominent groups, like the London Stock Exchange, The City of Munich and a handful of Brazil's government ministries switching off of Windows and onto Linux, you may be wondering if it is time to make the switch. There must be something to it, right? Right! Today, we are going to take a look at how switching to Linux can make the computer-based section of your life quicker, cheaper and even easier. You read that right, Linux can even help you to make your life easier than it was with Windows.

    How switching to Linux is more cost effective

    This is really a no-brainer. The Linux operating system, and most of its software, is made available to the public at no cost. This means that any money you would have spent on a Windows operating system or software will be a cost savings to a Linux user. How much will you really save during the set up of a new machine?

    Free operating system

    Letís start with the basics. Your computer will be useless without an operating system. That means you are going to have to buy one if you want to get Windows. The newest version of Windows, Windows 7, will set you back $120 if you get the home premium edition and not an upgraded business edition. A business edition will cost you significantly more. So you're already saving $120 right off the top. 

    Free office suite

    Having an office suite on your machine has become pretty much standard, unless you're running on a netbook. So, the odds are good that you will need to get one of those for your new computer.

    To get your hands on a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 you will need to put out another 229 of your hard-earned dollars. The native office suite for Linux, Open Office, will cost you nothing at all. It also comes pre-installed on many Linux flavors. That means even more savings with Linux. Where you would have spent $349 on a Windows set-up at this point ($120 for the OS and $229 for the office suite), with Linux you've still spend no money at all.

    That's about $350 still in your bank account for using Linux instead of Windows. Of course, that is if you put only the bare bones on your system. For argument's sake letís add on just one more piece of software, an image editor.

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