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Linux Gaining in Strength
By: wubayou
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    The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit was held in San Francisco on April 14 to 16. The summit was held as an invitation-only event for many within the Linux family, and it presented the current state of the open-source operating system as a positive one that will continue to grow well into the future.

    Linux Gaining In Strength

    Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, had many positives to report on the state of Linux and why it should persevere. At the heart of the reasons for Linux's projected success is the amount of control it offers. Unlike much proprietary software, Linux and open-source offers its users the ability to tweak their products, which in turn allows them to become more creative and flexible in the production process. 

    The fact that Linux is also much more cost-effective to use also makes it an attractive alternative for everyone from developers to device makers, especially when you consider the current downtrodden state of the economy, where every penny counts. 

    One particular area of focus for the growth of Linux is in the mobile market, which seems to be where technology looks to center on in the future. Combine its cost and control advantages with a demand within an emerging mobile market, and Linux seems to have quite the positive outlook for many years to come.

    To read more on the future of Linux, visit: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13846_3-20002478-62.html?tag=mncol;mlt_related

    Multi-touch Support Now a Reality for Linux Users

    Open-source fans and users of the Linux operating system have some good news, as they will now be able to use multi-touch gestures thanks to the Synaptics Gesture Suite. Until now, mostly Windows and Mac users had the multi-touch capabilities at the tips of their fingers that Synaptics provided. The creator of human interface technologies has recently decided to make its Gesture Suite available to Linux open-source users, spreading the wealth with its touch pads as well as other remote control devices.

    The Gesture Suite is also being extended for usage with the Google Chrome operating system. Linux users can now incorporate such gestures as the three-finger press, the three-finger flick, PinchZoom, PivotRotate, TwistRotate, Momentum, two-finger scrolling, ChiralScrolling, and more. These gestures will work with various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Xandros, Fedora, SuSE, Red Flag, and Millos Linpus. The move by Synaptics to extend its Gesture Suite for the open-source operating system shows the growing popularity of Linux, and is a welcome announcement for its users who crave increased interactivity.

    To read more on the Synaptics move towards Linux, visit: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1601891/synaptics-releases-gesture-suite-extension-linux

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