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Ever Changing Dynamic Passcode Code
By: Codewalkers
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    This code allows you to use a changing passowrd based on the day of the week and a present code. Good security in a pinch.

    By : drastik

    // This page creates a changing password scheme that uses a simple 7 number code that
    // changes based on the day of the week. For instance, on monday you would increase the
    // first of the seven integers by one, on tuesday you would increase by two, on wendsday:
    // increase three, and so on through sunday.
    // The php code checks this against you schema of passcodes for each day and determines if
    // you have entered the code correctly.

    // Given that PHP has a great deal of flexibility in the movement oand find replace
    // functions for objects in an array, you can use this code as a starting point to develop
    // your own codes. The code above is not unbreakable, a good history buff might even know
    // the code itself, but a brute force attack could crack it. Of course, if you are using
    // integers, increasing the number of ints will make it ore difficult to crack.

    // This code is designged to work like a keypad where no user id is required. You could
    // build in userid functionality in your prefeered method (database, textfile, etc) or
    // create a code for usernames as well! I've left this part out for the sake of brevity.

    if (isset($_POST['passcode'])) { // run the functions if a post is enterd

    // This is the passCode function set
    $passCode = $_POST['passcode'];
    $passCode = explode(".",$passCode); // break the post nto an array
    $passCode = array_sum($passCode); // sum the array

    // This is the checkCode function set
    $baseCode = ""; // Usualy this is a phone number, easy to remember
    $codeArr = explode(".",$baseCode); // array the baseCode

    // These functions determine the changes to the code based on the day of the week
    if (date("D") == "Mon") {
    $codeArr[0] = $codeArr[0] + 1;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Tue') {
    $codeArr[1] = $codeArr[1] + 2;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Wed') {
    $codeArr[2] = $codeArr[2] + 3;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Thu') {
    $codeArr[3] = $codeArr[3] + 4;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Fri') {
    $codeArr[4] = $codeArr[4] + 5;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Sat') {
    $codeArr[5] = $codeArr[5] + 6;
    elseif (date("D") == 'Sun') {
    $codeArr[6] = $codeArr[6] + 7;

    // bring the changed baseCode numbers back into an array
    $sumCode = array_sum($codeArr); // sum that array
    if ($sumCode == $passCode) { //check sums for equality
    print "Access Granted";} // do whatever once you authorize
    else { print "Access Denied!"; }

    else { //if no post is entered, print the code box
    print "Enter code as integers seperated by periods.";
    print "<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\" method=\"post\">";
    print "<input type=\"password\" name=\"passcode\" />";
    print "</form>";


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