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Short for PHP Extension and Application Repository, PEAR is a framework and distribution system for PHP code components. If you do any PHP programming, you’ll want to take a look at the articles we have here. You’ll find tons of code you can reuse in your own PHP applications.

  Date Title Author Hits
  07-28-10  Installing PEAR Apress Publishing 14681
  07-21-10  PEAR: an Introduction Apress Publishing 15665
  07-14-10  Managing robots.txt using PHP: Generating Dynamic Syntax Codex-M 33908
  12-03-08  Deleting Authors from a PEAR Content Management System David Web 19151
  11-26-08  PEAR CMS: Index and Delete Scripts David Web 19829
  11-19-08  Listing Articles for a PEAR Content Management System David Web 18090
  11-12-08  Building an Authors Page for a PEAR CMS David Web 18613
  11-05-08  Building the View Details Page in a PEAR CMS David Web 22901
  10-29-08  Creating the Main Pages of a PEAR CMS David Web 19420
  10-22-08  Completing the Login Script for a PEAR CMS David Web 23806
  10-15-08  User Authentication for a PEAR CMS David Web 21182
  10-08-08  A PEAR CMS: Examining the Code David Web 22664
  10-01-08  Building a Content Management System with PEAR David Web 24474
  09-24-08  Installing a PEAR Package David Web 35864
  09-17-08  My PEAR: The Beginning David Web 24806
  07-30-08  Using XML_RPC2 with PEAR Chris Moyer 31461
  07-23-08  Using Web Service APIs (Amazon and Yahoo!) with PEAR Chris Moyer 22287
  07-16-08  Database Abstraction with MDB2 from PEAR Chris Moyer 33907
  07-09-08  The PEAR Package Tour: PEAR Basics Chris Moyer 34389
  03-19-04  Caching with PEAR::Cache bluephoenix 45654
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