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If you’re just learning how to program, the tutorials in this section will give you a good start in learning the basics. Learn how to structure your code, what you need to consider when writing a program, and much more. The foundation of programming knowledge you build from these tutorials will help you as you go on to develop more complex applications.

  Date Title Author Hits
  10-01-04  Server Statistics Andrew Walsh 46605
  04-04-12  Control Flow Constructs: Loops Conclusion Apress Publishing 9572
  07-20-11  Functions in Python Apress Publishing 5749
  01-25-12  Validating and Manipulating Dates with PHP Apress Publishing 7458
  03-28-12  Loop Control Constructs Apress Publishing 7315
  07-13-11  Logical Operators in Python Apress Publishing 13854
  12-21-11  Combining Date Functions in PHP Apress Publishing 8102
  05-02-12  The Transliteration Operator in Perl Apress Publishing 15486
  07-27-11  Exploring Object-Oriented Programming with Python Apress Publishing 6212
  01-04-12  PHP`s Calendar Package Apress Publishing 7185
  03-21-12  Control Flow Constructs: the For and Foreach Loops Apress Publishing 7326
  08-10-11  Python Modules for Games Apress Publishing 7321
  01-18-12  Using the Date Constructor in PHP Apress Publishing 8081
  05-12-10  Object-Oriented PHP: Fields, Properties and Methods Apress Publishing 30044
  04-18-12  Perl String Processing Apress Publishing 9340
  08-17-11  Error and Exception Handling Apress Publishing 5133
  02-01-12  More Time Manipulation with PHP Apress Publishing 8137
  05-05-10  Object-Oriented PHP Apress Publishing 20407
  04-25-12  Perl String Processing Functions Apress Publishing 7848
  08-31-11  Error Logging and Handling Exceptions Apress Publishing 5407
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