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Extensible Markup Language is a W3C specification designed for Web documents. It lets designers create their own customized tags. If you do any programming for the Web – and who doesn’t these days – you’ll find plenty of articles to help you build what you need here.

  Date Title Author Hits
  02-25-09  Validation with Document Type Definitions (DTDs) James Payne 21095
  02-18-09  Creating a Well-Formed XML Document James Payne 38434
  02-04-09  Getting to Know XML James Payne 25341
  01-28-09  A Friendly Approach to XML James Payne 21470
  04-17-08  Creating RSS 2.0 Feeds O'Reilly Media 36030
  04-10-08  Using Modules in Your RSS Feed O'Reilly Media 26087
  04-03-08  RSS 2.0 O'Reilly Media 23175
  02-14-08  Querying XML: Use Cases O'Reilly Media 28978
  02-11-08  Joins and Query Use with XML O'Reilly Media 25145
  01-31-08  Solving Problems by Querying XML O'Reilly Media 19733
  01-24-08  Performing Set Operations When Querying XML O'Reilly Media 21497
  01-17-08  Querying XML O'Reilly Media 20445
  01-10-08  Handling Data for Ajax with JSON O'Reilly Media 47161
  01-03-08  Handling XML Data for Ajax O'Reilly Media 31127
  12-27-07  XML and JSON for Ajax O'Reilly Media 28243
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