Database Articles Articles

     PEAR::SQLite: The Lightweight Alternative
     Databases and SQL
     Access vs MySQL
     Power Selecting
     Adding a Poll to Your Web Site
     Intro to Databases
     Creating a Search Application
     PHP - Previous and Next Links
     Alternating row colors with PHP and mySQL
     Create dynamic sites with PHP & MySQL
     Multiple Pages of Data from a Text File
     Multicolumn Output from a Database with PHP
     Database Abstraction with PEAR
     PHP/MySQL News with Comments
     Sorting Database Results with PHP
     Writing UNION statements in MySQL 3.x
     A Framework for Persisting Data Relationships
     Storing Images in Database
     Client/Server Communication in MySQL
     Authentication Protocol Security
     Working with Strings
     Connections, Character Sets and Strings
     Working with Cases of Strings
     Pattern Matching with Strings
     Searching with Strings
     Full Text Searches and Strings
     Query Primer
     The From Clause and SQL Queries
     Clauses, Sorting, and SQL Queries
     What`s Code Without Variables?
     Best Practices for PL/SQL Variables
     Oracle Data Structures
     The Basics of Data Structures in Oracle
     Using Indexes with an Oracle Database
     Clusters and Other Data Structures for Oracle
     Query Optimization in Oracle
     More on Query Optimization for Oracle Databases
     Introducing PDO
     PDO: Getting Started
     Executing Database Queries with PDO
     PDO: Queries and Data
     PDO: Result Sets and Transactions
     Interacting with Oracle Database XE
     Oracle Database XE and the SQL Command Line
     Oracle Database XE and SQL Developer
     PHP`s Oracle Functionality
     PHP and Oracle: Database Connection Strings
     PHP and Oracle: Queries
     PHP`s Oracle Functionality: Inserting and Modifying Rows
     Handling Rows with PHP`s Oracle Functionality
     Getting Information with PHP`s Oracle Functionality
     Using Various Database Functions with PHP`s Oracle Functionality
     Using HTML_Table with Advanced Oracle Queries
     Create a Table Using Oracle HTML Table
     Using HTML_Table with Database Data
     Using HTML_Table with Subqueries
     Handling Oracle HTML Table Output
     Using Views in PHP and Oracle
     Views and View Types in PHP and Oracle
     Using Views in Web Applications
     Oracle Triggers
     Creating Oracle Triggers
     Using and Modifying Oracle Triggers
     Importing and Exporting Data with Oracle Database XE
     Indexes and Optimizing Techniques for Oracle Database XE
     Handling Oracle Database XE Indexes
     Monitoring Index Usage for Oracle Database XE
     Using Oracle SQL Developer
     Using SQL Plus with Oracle
     Using Oracle SQL Developer with Database Objects

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