Database Code Articles

      Nested repeat region
     DB interactions classes
     CSV to SQL convertor
     DB Interaction Classes v1.1
     SQL function with integrated sprintf()
     PHP Object Generator
     On line Thermal Transmitance Calculation
     The opposite of mysql_fetch_assoc
     Oracle database class 0.76
     Data extract to Excel
     Random Quotes
     PHP & ADODB
     LDAP to SQL
     Table Drawer (Powerful table dumper)
     XML To Array
     PHP CSV Importer 2.0
     Improved XML To Array
     List Box bound to mysql
     PHP, MySQL username and password login demo.
     phpFriendlyAdmin 0.3
     ENUM Fields
     phpFriendlyAdmin 1.0
     Zip code parser
     PHP form-class generator
     Random Quote - ( Functional )
     Multiple Columns for MySQL output
     Import CSV files into MySQL
     Show Result in HTML Tables, Alternate Rows
     Simple SQL
     MySQL table DB PHP code generator
     Active Table
     Mimic ASPs GetRows functionality in PHP
     Mimic ASPs GetString functionality
     insert data into mysql table
     PHP & MySQL Tagboard
     Single Query MySQL Functions
     Multi Column Output
     MySQL Insta-Table
     generic connect / display mysql db info
     MySQL Manual Ordering Tool
     Dump a database to HTML tables
     A Simple Database Abstraction Class
     MySQL/MSSQL abstraction Layer
     PostgreSQL Abstraction Layer
     Associative Array by Column Name
     Better PostgreSQL Metadata Function
     Convert array vars for SQL statement (Postgres)
     Database query generator
     Load a file into a database or something
     Populate dropdown box with MySQL table fields
     MySQL class for the masses

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