File Manipulation Code Articles

     Bandwidth Control with pure PHP
     List files in a directory, no subdirectories
     GUI DirectoryFile Demo for Beginners
     Recursive Copy Function
     Recursive Delete Function
     Rw::download Lite 2.0
     Simple CSV to HTML Table by Rock on
     Rw::download Lite 1.21
     Error Log Finder
     Simple CSV to HTML Table
     Form Examples Text Boxes to Drop Downs
     Eazy Gallery
     file_get_contents for PHP < 4.3.0
     PHP Class: Image Snapshot 1.3
      Universal downloader
     Image Gallery v2.0
     Free/Used Disk Space
     Directory Lister
     Directory image view, with selective hidden
     Move or Copy a Directory (and files and sub dirs)
     Comma parse to upload table
     Site editor
     ZIP File Maker
     Uploader ver 2
     Get directory list
     Format a File Size
     file and dir listing into tables, with download support
     Document Auto Linker And Display
     Directory Recursion
     Directory Index'r
     Dir 2 Box
     Get File Extention
     Better GetFileExtension
     delete lines from a file
     Multiple File Upload
     MP3 Library
     File management
     Class for INI Files
     function getDocumentRoot()
     JPG Thumbnails
     multiple file uploader
     a class to Get and Output Directories List