Miscellaneous Articles

     Creating a CAPTCHA with PHP
     The PAVISE of Security
     Flickr Puzzle Mashup
     Quick and Dirty AJAX Tutorial
     Introduction to Java Script
     Controlling PHP
     E-mail Validation with PHP
     Using SOAP with PHP
     Mail() From Start To Finish
     Dynamic CSS with PHP
     Using Sockets in PHP
     Overlapping Images with GD
     Writing a Basic Authentication System in PHP
     Adding Drop Shadows with PHP
     The Postal Fix - Part 1
     Adding Mail with Exim
     The Postal Fix - Part 2
     Sending SMS Thru HTTP
     Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR::XML-RPC
     Create Your Own Custom API
     Creating an Image Gallery
     Configuration File Processing with PHP
     Form and Spelling Validation
     Uploading Files with Forms and PHP
     Processing XML with PHP
     Transforming XML with XSLT and PHP
     An Intro to Using the GD Image Library with PHP
     Creating a News System with PHP - Part 1
     Creating a News System with PHP - Part 2
     Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash
     Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash - Part 2
     Working with forms in PHP
     Show the Number of Users Online
     Mini-Chat Tutorial
     PHP Debugging Tutorial
     Uma Getting Started Guide
     Creating Your Dream Project
     Virtual Domains
     DNS Primer
     Quotes from Rasmus Lerdorf
     Multi-page Forms with PHP
     Working with dates and times in PHP
     Using PCREs
     Improving Your Career In Any Economy
     Using Sessions in PHP
     Throwing Money Out the Window
     This is Business
     Recursion in PHP
     Thumbnails in PHP
     PHP Output Buffering
     Smarty for Beginners
     Stopping CSRF Attacks in Your PHP Applications
     Fedora 10 Released
     Operating Systems and UNIX
     The Terminal in UNIX
     UNIX File Systems
     Rights Management in UNIX
     In Detail: UNIX File Systems
     The Shell and UNIX
     Variables Within the UNIX Shell
     Control Mechanisms of the UNIX Shell
     Data Streams and the UNIX Shell
     The Test in the UNIX Shell
     Loops in the UNIX Shell
     Shell Script Writing
     10 Must Have Firefox Improvements
     All About OpenOffice 3.0
     Using PHP to Stream MP3 Files and Prevent Illegal Downloading
     Crucial Traits of Awk
     Setting Up Ubuntu for Your Home Office

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