Miscellaneous Code Articles

     IP2More :: IP2CountryV2
      Form field validation Class
     Validate Class
     easyFormProc v1.0
     IP2More V3.0.0
     Encrypt and Decrypt using Blowfish
     phpManta Mdoc auto-documentation
     Simple verification image
     RSS 2.0 generation class
     Jay Library
     site indexer
     Objects to XML Serializer/Unserializer
     ScrotIt! Screencapture
     Object Extensions for PHP
     [PHP5] PHP Debugger and Helper
     Shopping Cart Class
     web.framework v1.0.0
     Decimal to Binary using logs
     Binary to Decimal
     BCGCD Greatest Common Denominator (Large Numbers)
     Class to return variables to a Flash movie.
     Xml with Rss Feeds
     SPL and ITERATOR : examples
     [PHP5] FORMCHECKER : data validation
     Find pi in a high precision
     BCroot, get the root of a number with BC functions
     Random Password Generator
     upload image to database sql
     ECHO PHP Version 1.5
     Fake Error
     Pngmatix Image Manipulation
     Letters & Numbers Only
     html form and php interaction with it
     MySQL and PHP simple voting class
     Remote MySQL query executor
     php md5
     Disk Space
     Hanoi Towers
     Towers of Hanoi
     POP3 Polling with audio if there is mail
     Simple Debug functions
     Automatic form POSTer
     Qoute System
     PHP Web Server
     Manage Virtual Subdomains
     Binary Conversion
     Music Library
     Quick 'n Easy Benchmark
     PHP Pinger
     QDPA (Quick and Dirty Photo Album)
     Splash (intro) screen
     Snapshot Taker
     PACT (PHP Advanced Cookie Tools) 1.0b
     Star Rating System

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