Programming Basics Articles

     Looping in PHP
     Cookies in PHP
     Beginning Object Oriented Programming in PHP
     Working with text files
     PHP Strings Primer
     A Tour of Decision Making Structures in PHP
     An Overview of Arrays in PHP
     Reading Directorys with PHP
     Intro to Vim
     PHP Control Structures
     Server Statistics
     PHP Decision-Making
     Operators, Conditionals, and PHP Decision-Making
     Loops and PHP Decision Making
     PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor: What is it?
     Object-Oriented PHP
     Object-Oriented PHP: Fields, Properties and Methods
     Object-Oriented PHP: Constructors and Destructors
     Exploring Python
     Logical Operators in Python
     Functions in Python
     Exploring Object-Oriented Programming with Python
     Python in Game Development
     Python Modules for Games
     Error and Exception Handling
     Configuration Directives for Error and Exception Handling
     Error Logging and Handling Exceptions
     Exception Handling in PHP
     More Exception Handling with PHP
     Using PHP for Date and Time in Programming
     Combining Date Functions in PHP
     Getting Modified Versions and Correct Dates in PHP
     PHP`s Calendar Package
     Calendar Construction with PHP
     Using the Date Constructor in PHP
     Validating and Manipulating Dates with PHP
     More Time Manipulation with PHP
     Control Flow Constructs
     Perl Operators and Control Flow Constructs
     Comparing Strings with Control Flow Constructs
     Logical Operators and Control Flow Constructs
     Expression Modifiers for Perl Control Flow Constructs
     Loops and Control Flow Constructs
     Control Flow Constructs: the For and Foreach Loops
     Loop Control Constructs
     Control Flow Constructs: Loops Conclusion
     Perl String Processing
     Perl String Processing Functions
     The Transliteration Operator in Perl